TRITEX ROV Underwater Thickness Gauge Probe Holder


  • Automatically aligns probe on flat and curved surfaces
  • No moving parts to get jammed from silt and seaweed
  • Lightweight, simple, rugged and robust
  • Standard ‘T-bar’ and ‘fishtail’ compatible
  • Universal front plate can be fitted with lugs for pipelines
  • Allows the probe to be recessed to prevent damage to the probe face
  • Can be used with most types of ROV



The ROV Underwater Thickness Gauge Probe Holder has been designed to accurately present the ROV probe onto the surface being measured,  whether it is curved or flat. The ingenious design means there are no moving parts to get clogged with silt and seaweed and yet there is a 75° freedom of movement in all directions due to the rubber joint – there are no axial restrictions. The Probe Holder is made from titanium for lightness and strength.

The probe can be mounted slightly recessed into the holder to prevent damage to the probe if a collision with the surface occurs. Measurements are unaffected by the small water gap due to the Multiple Echo technology used by all Tritex gauges, which ignores the water gap as if it were a coating.

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