ATG500 Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge


The ATG500 is a high precision ultrasonic thickness gauge which uses a single-crystal delayed probe. The high resolution probe allows for more accurate measurements when measuring material thickness of 0.3 – 20mm. There are two operating modes: I-E (interface – echo) mode and E-E (Echo – Echo) mode. The measuring range of I-E mode is 1.5~20mm, while the measuring range of E-E mode is 0.3~10mm. Single crystal probes ensure accurate measurments on curved surfaces such as pipes or pipelines. They have a linear accuracy throughout their measuring range.

Delivery normally 10 – 14 days from receipt of order / payment


ATG500 Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Specification

  • Operating Principle: I-E (interface-echo) mode with single-crystal delayed probe E-E (echo-echo) mode with single-crystal delayed probe
  • Measuring Range: 1.5~20 mm (I-E mode) 0.3~10 mm (E-E mode)
  • Unit and Display Resolution: mm: 0.001, 0.01 or 0.1 / Inch: 0.0001,0.001 or 0.01
  • Probe Zero Adjustment: 1-point Calibration or 2-point Calibration
  • Measuring Error: ±0.005 mm (<3 mm); ±0.05 mm (<20 mm)
  • Display: 128 × 64 dot-matrix LCD screen with EL backlight (42mm × 57mm)
  • Measuring Update Rate: 4Hz in standard measurement mode
  • Material Velocity Range: 1000~9999m/s or 0.0394~0.3937in/us
  • Data Logger Capacity: Up to 500 readings can be divided into a maximum of 5 files (user-selectable}
  • Operating Language: English
  • Power Supply: Two 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries, warning with low voltage
  • Operating Time: Up to 200 hours with alkaline batteries (without backlight) depending on operating mode
  • Auto-shut off: After 5 minutes of non-use
  • Operating Temperature: -10℃ to +50℃
  • Size: 149mm × 73mm × 32mm (H × W × D)
  • Weight: 200g including batteries

Standard Package

  • ATG500 Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
  • Standard probe (single-crystal delayed probe)
  • Carrying case
  • Two 1.5V AA alkaline batteries
  • Couplant
  • Operating manual
  • Certification of quality
  • Packaging list

Optional Accessories:

  • Attachable rubber case
  • Application software with Data transmission cable

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