Polatrak® CP Gun™


The CP Gun is an extremely user friendly diver handheld cathodic protection probe with a dual display.

The advantages of the CP Gun are that it has a long battery life, interchangeable freshwater / seawater electrodes and ultra-bright LED displays (for limited-visibility conditions), which make the CP Gun a user-friendly diver-held CP probe.

Delivery normally 1 – 2 weeks days from receipt of payment


A single set of disposable alkaline batteries provides up to 150 hours of survey operation. A convenient on-off switch prolongs battery life by allowing display only when actually probing . The CP Gun is rated to depths of up to 300 m (~1000 ft). The Polatrak Cathodic Protection CP Gun is designed for situations where a few contact CP readings are required. Like all Polatrak probes, it has twin elements and dual readouts which provide an unparalleled level of accuracy and redundancy.

The CP Gun kit comes complete with operating and calibration instructions and a comprehensive supply of spare parts.


Key Design Points


Replaceable, dual silver / silver chloride (Ag/AgCl) electrodes provide real-time calibration and allow the dive to be completed even if an electrode fails.


The Polatrak Cathodic Protection CP Gun uses two standard 9V batteries, which are easily replaced in the field. With its convenient on/off switch, the batteries can last the entire dive season.


The sturdy design of the Polatrak CP Gun probe allows easy replacement of worn or damaged parts without having to replace the entire probe. It can be serviced easily in the field.


The CP Gun has bright, backlit LED readouts that help the diver see CP readings in low-visibility conditions.

Technical Specification

Depth rating: 300 m [ 1,000 ft ]
Operating temp.: 1°C to 40°C
Voltage range: +1999 mV to -1999 mV
Input resistance: 1 M-Ohm
Power supply: 2 x 9V PP3 alkaline batteries (disposable)
Elements 2 x Ag/AgCl ±5 mV (pluggable)
Dimensions (W x H x L): 89 x 240 x 420 mm [ 3.5” x 9.5” x 16.5” ]
Weight (Air): 2.9 kg [ 6.5 lb ]
Weight (Water): 0.7 kg [ 1.5 lb ]


Polatrak Cathodic Protection CP Gun Kit Components

OFFSHORE CASE – The kit comes in a custom built, durable, water-tight offshore case.
SPARES KIT – The standard spares kit contains 5 tips, 4 lens screws, 4 Allen screws (to remove lens), an Allen wrench, 2 9V batteries, 4 O-rings and 2 backup rings.
CONTACT TIPS – Each CP Gun kit comes with five extra replacement tips.
SPARE AG/AGCL – The CP Gun kit contains one spare Ag/AgCl reference electrode for replacement in the field.

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