PHYNIX Surfix SX Coating Thickness Gauge with Exchangeable Probe


The Surfix® SX portable coating thickness gauge with its exchangeable probes is designed for fast, practical and precise Coating Thickness Measurement. It can be used for all types of varnish, paint and electroplated coatings on iron and steel as well as varnish, paint and anodising coatings on non-ferrous metals and on austenitic stainless steels. The Surfix® S is suitable both for the laboratory and for use in harsh field conditions.

Other probe types are available please contact us for more details.

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The PHYNIX Surfix SX Coating Thickness Gauge has a wide range of exchangeable probes which provide many options for universal as well as special measurement tasks. It includes one of the world’s smallest measuring sensors which guarantees reliable measurements even on difficult geometries.

The built-in IP52 safeguards guarantee protection against dust and dripping water. Never has gauge operation been so clear and so straightforward!

The coating thickness gauge with external probe Surfix® S display uses the menu features of a mobile phone to provide simple, user-friendly operating instructions. A choice of languages – normally English, French, German (other languages optional) – guarantees operator confidence and cuts out errors caused by language misunderstandings.

The innovative probe construction ensures non-destructive measurement of the most highly polished surfaces and soft coatings. Sensor contact pressure is uniform and kept to a minimum, so surfaces remain free from scratches and indentations.

With the coating thickness gauge Surfix® SX, data processing is just as easy as Coating Thickness Measurement measurement. No cables required – data can be transferred to a notebook or other equipment via an infrared interface. There is no need for an unmanageable collection of leads and no time wasted in attaching cables.

Standard Kit comprises:

Gauge including probe, Protective rubber cover, Carrying case, 2 batteries, Instruction manual, Manufacturer’s certificate, USB-Cable (Pro X, SX)

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