SEATRONICS SeaDTEC ROV Flooded Member Detector


The Seatronics SeaDTEC ROV flooded member detector can be mounted onto an ROV and is used to determine if a subsea void is filled with a liquid or gas (up to the inspection point). The main advantage of the SeaDTEC is to determine whether a leak has occurred within subsea enclosures.

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Main components of the ROV Flooded Member Detector are the subsea electronics pod, probe and ROV T-Bar, topside interface unit and control laptop.

The SeaDTEC has a spring loaded transducer and disposable membranes making it suitable for ROV use. The probe is mounted on a Stainless Steel T-Bar to aid ROV manipulator operation.

A high frequency pulse is sent from the probe and if the member is flooded a reflected pulse from the opposite side of the member will be detected. SeaDTEC software provides the surface operator with visual indication of the test results via an A-Scan display on a laptop. Results can be printed or saved to a log file which includes a record of the A scan display, Date, Time, Structure, Member, Orientation, Client and Test Engineer.

  • Operating range up to 10m
  • 3000m depth rating
  • Subsea / surface data link – RS-232 / RS-485
  • Diver model also available

Technical Specification


  • Operating Frequency: 1MHz
  • Operating Range: 10cm
  • Depth Rating: 3000m
  • Subsea / Surface Data Link: RS232 / RS485
  • Surface Interface Power: 110 / 240V AC
  • Subsea Power: 24V DC, 120 mW

System Dimensions

  • Surface Interface: 19 x 19 x 7cm
  • Subsea Electronics Pod: 6.8cm x 25cm
  • Remote Probe: 5.1cm x 20.3cm


  • Probe T Bar


  • Surface Interface: 1.05Kg
    Subsea Electronics Pod: 2.05Kg
    Remote Probe: 1Kg
    Transit Case Dimensions: 50 x 40 x 20cm
    Transit Case Weight: 9.4Kg


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